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Preventative & Curative Treatment Options

 Spraying, Soil treatments, and Trunk injections

Common Insect problems

Aphids, Bark Beetles, Borers, Scale, Strawberry Root Weevils, Spidermites, Plant Bugs, etc.

Common Diseases

Anthracnose, Fireblight, Iron Chlorosis, Needle Cast, Leaf Spot, Powdery Mildew, etc.

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Licensed and Insured

 ISA Certified Arborists from Arborcare will accurately diagnose your tree problems & provide solutions. We have the expertise to answer your questions and exceed your expectations.

Do your trees exhibit any of the following conditions? Stunted growth, dieback from the top down or on major branches, holes in the tree trunk or sawdust like substance “frass” extruding from the holes. Call for a free tree evaluation today.

Spray to control insects that can threaten the life of your trees

Tree Spraying for Insects and Diseases

We offer foundation sprays to help keep pest insects from entering your home and disturbing your outdoor activities. Control insects such as spiders, boxelderbugs and ants. We can spray under eves, stairwells, decks, and doorframes where webs are present and insects gather.

Prevent pest insects from entering your home

Foundation Sprays

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Keep your landscape healthy and vibrant with preventative plant health maintenance from Arborcare. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer by targeting and treating specific insect and disease problems.

Preventative Maintenance

Expert Tree Care

Call Arborcare today to have your trees and shrubs inspected by one of our experienced Certified Arborists. We can diagnose a wide range of tree health problems and recommend treatment options to restore optimum health to your landscape.

With a Certified Arborist

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Residential and Commercial Service

Salt Lake, Davis, Utah County & Park City

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Snails and slugs devour hostas and other plants, flowers, and roots. Plants with foliage near the ground are most susceptible to their feeding. Our technicians can apply, as necessary, pet friendly bait that will help control snails and slugs in your landscape.

Protect your plants from this destructive pest

Snail and Slug Control

Member On Staff: Brian Getzelman ID# 2620

Chris Kolb WE-5809A

Sam Small UT-4399A

Austin O’Shura UT-4547A

JD Gurule UT-4581A

100% Pure Organic BioChar Now Available

Mix activated raw biochar with garden soil for

- Enhanced Plant Growth

- Increased Soil Activity & Fertility

- Reduced Leaching of Nutrients

$10.00/1 Gallon Bag. Call for larger quantities